Install Free VPS server

Want one Windows Server with IIS or you want one Linux Server with Apache. We offer free installation service for Windows Server: IIS6, PHP 5, MySQL 5, MSSQL 2005 and Plesk 9.x Linux server: Apache 2.2, PHP 5, MySQL 5, ISPConfig, lxadmin (Kloxo) ;

Vietnam SEO service provider Virtual Server - Virtual Server in Vietnam. With pricing policy is extremely flexible, powerful server configured with the latest technology, system servers are located in data centers in Vietnam VDC, FPT, CMC, VTC, Viettel, Hanel establishments professional Datacenter infrastructure, unlimited bandwidth. Mode support before and after sales very attentive enthusiasm.

Introduction Service VPS Server
- VPS SERVER service is a virtual server (VPS) for individuals as well as small and medium enterprises systematically larger sites or want to build your own business email. System Website, Email ... Your guests will be equipped with a server connected to high-speed Internet channel with 01 static IP and pre-installed OS option.

- Based on this server, you can remotely administer and install the software on demand, but is not limited to the number of users. You may VPS service application server to build their own system of Mail Server, Web Server, Backup / Storage Server ... used alone or in data file transfers between branches together easily, quickly and convenient.

- VPS SERVER is one solution server technology is highly efficient in computer use and value-use of server resources by more than 60-80% compared to the average of a server operation independent.

- Virtual Server VPS XEN SERVER using technology for building platform stabilization systems, to ensure resources are allocated exactly as commitment, with root powers as a normal server

- Service Virtual Server allows you to own a private server at a lower cost, but still highly effective. VPS SERVER is the division of resources on a physical server to build up the virtual server with the resources to allow exploit less. This allows customers to select the appropriate resource limit and only needs to pay for that limit. This form is more economical than private server if the resource requirements of the customer is not really too big while you still have the right to remotely administer the server as owning a particular routine.

  Why choose SEO VPS Servers in Vietnam
- Professional server system with high-end processor quad-core Xeon Intel's Nehalem cache E5620-12M
- The storage system with RAID 1,5,6,10 on dedicated hardware
- You can customize the operating system is Windows or Linux
- Broadband high speed domestic ports / International 100Mbps / 1GB / 10Mbps
- Unlimited bandwidth vps
- 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
- 24/7/365 Customer Support

These products and services provide SEO server Vietnam:

- Vietnam SEO service provider's biggest server in Vietnam, Vietnamese management SEO is a system consisting of many large hosting server and provides all the services and products on the server:

Vietnam SEO service provider server

- Domain registration - Domain Name
- Web hosting - Web Hosting
- Web Design - Web Design
- Lease of server place - Colocation Server
- Renting Dedicated Server - Dedicated Server
- Rental servers VPS - VPS Server
- Rent Rack
- Rental of data centers - Rental Datacenter
- Installing and configuring server server - Server Installation and Configuration
- Service Management Server - Managed Server Services
- Rental Data center backup, Data center disaster recovery (Disaster Recovery - DR)

Vietnam SEO server products provide

- Distributed server synchronization: Supermicro, IBM, Dell, HP, Cisco, SUN;
- Provides server parts: RAM, HDD, CPU, motherboard, chassis;
- Provide dedicated storage device (NAS storage) QNAP, Promise, ...
- Provide workstation (Workstation): HP, DELL
- Distributing copyrighted software: VMware, cPanel, DirectAdmin, ...
- Distribution network devices, security devices, load balancing, ...

Vietnam SEO solutions provider

- Server load balancing - Server Load Balancing
- PBX Contact Center
- PBX 1900 - 1800 Switchboard
- Leased line - Internet Leased line
- Virtual Private Network VPN
- Content Distribution Networks - Content Delivery Network
- Data backup (Backup Data), Data Backup (Online Backup)

Managed VPS servers simple

Management system based on Web-based, detailed management interface designed a simple, handy and most comprehensible allows customers to manage all resources are licensed and resource allocation for virtual servers .


Easily upgrade virtual server configuration

Virtual server resources to easily upgrade the RAM, HDD, Bandwidth. When needed just to raise the limit of resources for virtual server or create new virtual servers to cater for the growth of the business.


Deploy new virtual server level quickly

New grant a virtual server, install and put into operation VPS server quickly on resource management interface of VMware Server ESXi 5. Restore, reinstall, or install new virtual servers quickly and easily easy.


VPS server high availability

Virtual servers have mechanisms to monitor the status of servers and VPS customers will enjoy the benefits of automated systems switch between servers where one administrator module virtualization trouble .