High availability when application virtualization solution

Virtualization is a technology that is designed to create a middle tier between server hardware systems and software running on it. Server virtualization technology from a single physical machine can create multiple independent virtual machines. Each virtual machine has an established source of individual systems, its own operating system and individual applications. There are two forms of server virtualization:

Virtualization Management Layer: This is the original form of virtualization of servers. We are often called "hosted". As shown below shows, virtual functions are built on a common platform OS. Some common products: Microsoft's Virtual PC, Workstation and VMWare's.

Dedicated Virtualization: Virtualization mode is often referred to as "bare-metal", which runs directly on server hardware. So will use server resources more optimally as a form of "hosted", faster processing speed. The popular products: ESX, Xen, and Hyper-V.


Reduced hardware investment costs, to meet the relentless demands of the deployment, development of new services and applications, organizations need to continue to increase the number of servers. However, as more and more servers, the problem is even clearer:

Increased costs: buying the new server will include the cost of buying servers and other costs: power, cooling, rack space for servers, ...
Low investment efficiency: For every dedicated server for X86 applications (low load) operations will yield only about 5-15% of the CPU.
Reduce management capabilities: more difficult to manage as more servers and applications in a complex environment with a variety of operating systems, hardware, different types of servers.
Reduced work performance: IT staff will focus more time for server deployment, configuration, monitoring and maintenance. So no longer focused on the activities and projects to help improve the level of information infrastructure.

THE BENEFITS OF virtualization solutions

Virtualization solution to solve the problem of cost and performance of server operations by reducing hardware costs and operate up to 50%, the optimal use of resources through virtualization. It also helps deploy servers quickly, easily and automatically manage the resources in a more optimal server such as:

Simplify infrastructure management by centralized management.

Automate the management of server resources to help IT staff no longer spend too much time managing servers which will focus on the applications and services that benefit users and organizations.

Up to 50% of the cost of new equipment fitted as servers, power, cooling system ... by increasing the operational efficiency of the current server.

ALWAYS THE POSSIBILITY OF virtualization solutions
IT is increasingly important contribution to operations of businesses and organizations. The IT system stops working for whatever reason: maintenance, backup, equipment failure, natural disasters will impact significantly on businesses and organizations. Virtualization solutions helps protect data effectively, can recover lost data quickly and easily; provide fault tolerance, ensuring applications and services continue to operate if something goes wrong; allows simultaneous recovery of IT systems after a disaster effectively with lower cost, such as:

Protect your data safe
Virtualization solution ensures a backup, restore data, applications and services quickly, easily and flexibly meet the requirements of time and data recovery needs such as:

Data recovery fast and simple
Simplify data protection in a comprehensive manner.
Enables centralized backup VMs without affecting the users, applications

High Availability
The system must be stopped because of the subjective and objective are causing damage to businesses. However, the solution of HA (high availability) are now very expensive in terms of cost, difficult to deploy and manage. With virtualization gives enterprises a solution to help the system achieve very high reliability with lower cost and easier to deploy, manage as:

Provide high availability (HA) with independent hardware, operating systems and applications.
No need to stop the system when to perform common maintenance tasks: upgrading hardware, operating system updates, firmware, ...
The ability to automatically reboot (restart) when an error occurs.
Reduce system downtime (downtime) subjective reasons: to maintain, upgrade hardware, software, server relocation, ... without affecting the applications and services running on the machine server, allowing the virtual machine can easily move back and forth between different physical servers on different storage devices.

VMware VMotion model

Prevent the system stops due to objective reasons, such as hardware and software errors. Virtualization environment built features to support effective fault tolerance.

Help quickly restore the physical server error. The physical machines are grouped (group) together, forming a mass - cluster, sharing of resources (CPU, memory, network ..) Fault Tolerant and help each other.


Disaster prevention features

The enterprise will encounter huge losses when incidents (earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, ...), data loss, greatly affect the entire operation of the business. Therefore, larger firms often build a DR solution, allowing restoration of the system after a disaster. However, the existing DR solutions exist many problems:

High investment costs: hardware configuration requirements at backup center (DR site) must be identical to the main center (Production site).
Solutions to complex and take longer to recover: need more tools, recovery processes for each type of application, each type of data. At the same time the recovery process also takes too much time, can not meet the requirements of the RTO (recovery time objective).
Ability to restore unreliable: Need to regularly inspect and evaluate the solutions to ensure the ability to recover when there is a problem. However, the current solution is very difficult test due to the complexity and time for recovery

Virtualization solutions provide a DR plan with a completely new approach - based on the concept of virtualization - should bring more advantages than the current solution:

Quick Recovery: Virtualization makes it easy to copy, clone the system resources so the recovery time is significantly improved.
Solution disaster recovery is always ready and achieve high reliability for easy inspection and assessment more.
Reduce the cost to build a Disaster Recovery solution using virtual machines are hardware independent and can run on any physical server standard x86 without editing, re-configuration. So can use any server in the DR site without obligated to buy hardware like in the Production site.


Managed VPS servers simple

Management system based on Web-based, detailed management interface designed a simple, handy and most comprehensible allows customers to manage all resources are licensed and resource allocation for virtual servers .


Easily upgrade virtual server configuration

Virtual server resources to easily upgrade the RAM, HDD, Bandwidth. When needed just to raise the limit of resources for virtual server or create new virtual servers to cater for the growth of the business.


Deploy new virtual server level quickly

New grant a virtual server, install and put into operation VPS server quickly on resource management interface of VMware Server ESXi 5. Restore, reinstall, or install new virtual servers quickly and easily easy.


VPS server high availability

Virtual servers have mechanisms to monitor the status of servers and VPS customers will enjoy the benefits of automated systems switch between servers where one administrator module virtualization trouble .