Deploy new virtual server level quickly

New grant a virtual server, install and put into operation VPS server quickly on resource management interface of VMware Server ESXi 5. Restore, reinstall, or install new virtual servers quickly and easily easy.

Vietnam has built SEO server systems provide great service with a strong server configuration of carrier server world famous: SuperMicro, IBM, Dell, Cisco, and the system provider VPS servers Vietnam's SEO placed in all data centers (Data Center) in Vietnam such as VDC, FPT, CMC, VTC, Viettel, Hanel.

The system of Vietnam SEO VPS servers are connected to the Internet with the design conditions for the transmission line, high-speed bandwidth from 100Mbps to 1GB distance running, Liang unlimited amount of information helps providers deploy virtual servers for Vietnam SEO clients are operating with the fastest speed and efficiency, continuity.

Client configuration options are VPS servers, server options put my VPS run on various major Datacenter most flexible way. Especially Vietnam SEO research and provide service packs cheap VPS server is suitable for customers who need to use a separate VPS server (using Hosting higher demand, the cost savings over leased servers exclusive use) or the unit providing SEO services.

2. Register online vps hosting on website sales channels SEO Vietnam:

With the capacity of their existing system, SEO Vietnam committed to bringing customers a VPS hosting service best quality and fastest initialized. After you have completed the process and payment cabinets, within 5-15 minutes to complete SEO Vietnam provides VPS server, customers can use their own servers immediately.

Advantages of service

- Data Center cooperative SEO by Vietnamese mining operation is the largest Data Center and International Vietnam as VDC Datacenter, Datacenter FPT, CMC Datacenter, Datacenter Viettel, VTC Datacenter, Datacenter and Hanel peering network connections between the local ISP FPT, VDC, Viettel, CMC, and international VNNIX, peering to the core network providers and leading content such as Google, Yahoo ..., backbone IP backbone: connections within the Ring North - Central - South, guarantee gives customers a fast Internet connection service, stability and continuity.

- Services for stable operation, continuously through the air conditioning system, UPS, backup generators and lightning protection, fire protection.

- Ready to use and connect to the service and other systems of Vietnam SEO professional such as data transmission services, systems Voice Gateway, SMS Gateway, ...

- Saves cost of initial investment and operating costs.

Benefits of using SEO services Vietnam

- Use static IP, static IP unlimited supply;
- To be protected by the system Firewall, Anti Virus, Anti Spam professional.
- Easy to upgrade the server configuration on demand using (CPU, RAM, HDD).
- Bandwidth, traffic transport options.
- Connection bandwidth domestic and international high-speed;
- Servers placed in reputed vendors VDC, FPT, Viettel, CMC, VTC, Hanel ensure quick access and connection stability.
- Install OS option.
- Customers are free to use and manage their servers.
- Complete discretion configuration, server upgrades.
- Remote Administration or directly at the Datacenter and install software, add-suited to the needs of businesses that are not restricted to your machine's resources due to the flexibility in upgrading hardware as well as software.
- Guarantee 99.99% (temperature 22 ± 1 ° C, UPS, backup power, explosion-proof ...
- Technical support 24/7/365.

These products and services provide SEO server Vietnam:

- Vietnam SEO service provider's biggest server in Vietnam, Vietnamese management SEO is a system consisting of many large hosting server and provides all the services and products on the server:

Vietnam SEO service provider server

- Domain registration - Domain Name
- Web hosting - Web Hosting
- Web Design - Web Design
- Lease of server place - Colocation Server
- Renting Dedicated Server - Dedicated Server
- Rental servers VPS - VPS Server
- Rent Rack
- Rental of data centers - Rental Datacenter
- Installing and configuring server server - Server Installation and Configuration
- Service Management Server - Managed Server Services
- Rental Data center backup, Data center disaster recovery (Disaster Recovery - DR)

Vietnam SEO server products provide

- Distributed server synchronization: Supermicro, IBM, Dell, HP, Cisco, SUN;
- Provides server parts: RAM, HDD, CPU, motherboard, chassis;
- Provide dedicated storage device (NAS storage) QNAP, Promise, ...
- Provide workstation (Workstation): HP, DELL
- Distributing copyrighted software: VMware, cPanel, DirectAdmin, ...
- Distribution network devices, security devices, load balancing, ...

Vietnam SEO solutions provider

- Server load balancing - Server Load Balancing
- PBX Contact Center
- PBX 1900 - 1800 Switchboard
- Leased line - Internet Leased line
- Virtual Private Network VPN
- Content Distribution Networks - Content Delivery Network
- Data backup (Backup Data), Data Backup (Online Backup)

Managed VPS servers simple

Management system based on Web-based, detailed management interface designed a simple, handy and most comprehensible allows customers to manage all resources are licensed and resource allocation for virtual servers .


Easily upgrade virtual server configuration

Virtual server resources to easily upgrade the RAM, HDD, Bandwidth. When needed just to raise the limit of resources for virtual server or create new virtual servers to cater for the growth of the business.


Deploy new virtual server level quickly

New grant a virtual server, install and put into operation VPS server quickly on resource management interface of VMware Server ESXi 5. Restore, reinstall, or install new virtual servers quickly and easily easy.


VPS server high availability

Virtual servers have mechanisms to monitor the status of servers and VPS customers will enjoy the benefits of automated systems switch between servers where one administrator module virtualization trouble .