VPS server high availability

Virtual servers have mechanisms to monitor the status of servers and VPS customers will enjoy the benefits of automated systems switch between servers where one administrator module virtualization trouble .

High availability is a top priority for many businesses and for large server systems. From small and medium enterprises in the country as well as global enterprises, more and more industries require companies providing services focused customer service and provide server service systems higher quality quality and more stable. Such vectors greater attention to application systems development and operations on the server to equip business means that server services should operate continuously.

Critical applications, such as e-commerce websites, business databases and emails, often need to be priorities in large server systems and network architecture is designed with high availability. This is also true with the retail website and business on the web. Service providers recognize the need to plan and configure the host system of its services with high availability, to be able to have a server system provides services to its customers operate stability, continuity.

High availability is a top priority of Vietnam SEO. The product of Vietnam SEO program can help you achieve higher availability for servers and download your work in varying degrees, from the basics of using hardware to most of the centralized approach of clustering servers.

What is High Availability
In general terms, high availability can be defined as the deployment of a protocol design system ensures continuous level of activity for a preset time. It's just that the level of service of applications, services and systems provider. High availability can describe the purpose of business and technical requirements, since the only purpose includes hardware to the purposes and tasks of an overall service - but it always involves minimize the time error.

High availability solutions with SEO Vietnam
SEO Vietnam committed to helping you maintain a level of preparedness you need. SEO Vietnam always designed products and programs with high availability and offers various features to keep your system is ready.

Vietnam SEO delivers high availability through the application of the following methods

     Ready Applications
     Ready Hardware
     Ready data
     Ready Traffic

Ready Applications
In Windows Server 2008, the next version of their operating system Windows Server, Vietnam SEO is introducing more features and technology to help increase the security of computers running Windows Server 2008, increase performance and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Failover Clustering is an important feature of the Windows Server platform which can improve the availability of applications. As a point of failure, another point to start offering alternative services. This process is called failover (failover).

Failover Clustering in Windows Server 2008 provides the ability to availability and highly customizable for critical applications such as databases, messaging systems, file and printer services, and virtualized workloads. Most servers (nodes) in a cluster maintains communication. If one of the nodes in a group become unwilling (or are faulty maintenance), another node immediately begins service. These users are accessing the service continue to access the service and did not know that the service is being provided from a server (node) else.

Ready Hardware

     Program availability of Windows hardware
     The Windows Server 2008 High Availability Program is designed to help customers of Windows Server 2008 to achieve the highest availability by providing hardware availability, "good", "better" and "best". The Customer Experience readiness "good" with a logo servers "Designed for Windows Server 2008," is recommended for no logo hardware. The Customer Experience readiness "better" servers "Designed for Windows Server 2008 High Availability Program." Availability "best" is a full High Availability Program, where customers receive hardware designed to support programs and services directly from the OEM.

     Hardware partitions
     SEO Vietnam improve availability and fault-tolerant server with dynamic hardware partitioning. Windows works with one or more isolated hardware partitions with processor, memory, I / O host bridges independently of other hardware partitions. On a server that is capable of dynamic partitioning, the configuration of partition units assigned to the hardware partition can be changed while the system is operating. You can substitute hot or add processors and memory for this partition without reboot entity operating system running on hardware partitioning. This increases reliability, availability, and serviceability of your servers. For example, you can replace a processor showed signs of error, or you can add external processors to a partition as demand increases.

Activities typically include:

     Add hot: Adding a partition unit to a hardware partition active.
     Swap: Replacing a unit partition by partition unit replaces the existing matches in the system. This is an atomic activity is not an activity rather hot action followed by an additional heater.
     Remove the heat: Remove a partition unit out of a running hardware partition.

Ready data
Vietnam has built SEO features to improve the availability of Exchange Server 2007 and SQL Server 2005 in order to keep your system operating.

High availability of Exchange 2007
SEO Vietnam Exchange 2007 has many ways to bring high availability for messaging infrastructure. Local Continuous Replication (LCR) is a single-server solution using log shipping technology integrated asymmetry to create and maintain an archive on a second disk is connected to the same server as production storage group. LCR provides log shipping, log replay, and a quick manual shifting to the second data.

Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR) is a clustered solution that uses log shipping technology integrated asymmetry to create and maintain a storage group on a second server. CCR is designed to do one or two data center solution, providing high availability and site resilience. CCR is a storage failover cluster solution is not shared, is one of two types of mailbox servers deployed in groups in Vietnam SEO Exchange Server 2007 (form left is a single copy cluster, as described below).

Single Copy Clusters (SCC) is a clustered solution that uses a group of data for data to be shared between the nodes in the cluster. SSC is very similar to clustering in Exchange Server versions ago, with some changes and significant improvements. SSC, a failover cluster storage solutions to share, are one of two types of deployment as a group mailbox server in Exchange Server 2007 SEO Vietnam.

Standby Continuous Replication (SCR) is a new feature introduced in Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1). SCR is designed for the specific conditions of use or allow the use of the recovery server is in standby mode. SCR expand the existing copy feature and allow the conditions of new data ready for Exchange Server 2007 mailbox server SCR uses the same log shipping and replay technology that LCR and CCR used to deliver level configuration options and additional deployment by providing administrators the ability to create additional storage group copies. SCR can be used to copy data from an independent mailbox server or mailbox server group.

High availability of SQL 2005
SEO Vietnam is firmly committed to the availability of the SQL Server database, which is emphasized by the introduction of SQL Server Always On Technologies. SQL Server 2005 Always On Technologies include:

     Database mirroring
     failover clustering
     log shipping
     Database snapshots
     Separate snapshot
     Copy Peer-to-peer
     Operating online

Used alone or in combination, these features will help minimize downtime and keep the system in your company is always ready to pitch.

Database Mirroring
Database Mirroring is a software solution for increasing database availability through redundancy support after an error almost immediately without losing data. Easy to install and manage and requires no hardware ownership. Benefits of reflective database includes data protection by providing redundant entirely or almost entirely, increasing the availability of the database in case of disaster, and improve the availability of a production database in the upgrade.

failover Clustering
Failover Clustering provides support high availability for the entire entity of SQL Server. Applications such as SQL Server and Notification Services is installed on a Server Cluster groups, called resource groups. Whenever, each resource group can only be owned by only one node in the cluster. Application service with an independent virtual name with the node name, and is known to be the actual name of the failover cluster. An application can connect to the failover cluster entity by reference to the actual name of the failover cluster; it does not need to know the host entity node failover cluster.

log Shipping
Like database mirroring, log shipping operations at the database level. Log shipping provides standby database level with one or two instances of SQL Server. It uses the work is scheduled to automatically backup, copy and restore the transaction log to maintain a secondary copy of the database on a standby server. Unlike database mirroring, log shipping allows multiple secondary databases, which creates a better solution for applications that require multiple failover sites. Log shipping can be configured to provide protection against user error. The delay in time to create a window can prevent the spread of human error to a standby server. Log shipping can also be used to reduce the load on the primary server using the secondary server for the processing of read-only query.

Copying using the publish-subscribe model that allows a primary server, called the publisher, to distribute data to one or more secondary servers, or the subscriber. Copy creates real-time availability and customization capabilities across these servers. It supports filtering to provide the data to the subscriber, and also allowed the zoning update. The subscriber online and available for reporting or other functions without query recovery.

Ready Traffic
Network Load Balancing (NLB) clustering enhances readiness by leveraging the mutual communication between servers (known as the host). NLB distributing IP traffic to a service entity of TCP / IP, such as a Web server, which runs on each physical host in the cluster. The distribution of client requests among the hosts NLB cluster is transparent to the client; from any point on the client, the server appears to be a single answer requests from this client.

NLB is an effective method, with the ability to customize in order to achieve higher availability for server workloads has no status. The term "stateless" only workloads in response to the requirements of each client as a separate transaction. The requirements of the client to be resolved before a client's request for advance no impact on current trading. A good example is a web server. For each client requests a Web page, Web server collects all the information needed to assemble text, images and data to make it possible for client Web sites from that particular client. The server will then gather all the information it needs for a request from the client before the next client, and so on. Because each client's requirements to provide all the information that a stateless server need to complete the transaction, relatively simple to any client requests are resolved by the entity duplication of workloads machine server running on the host of an NLB cluster.

Managed VPS servers simple

Management system based on Web-based, detailed management interface designed a simple, handy and most comprehensible allows customers to manage all resources are licensed and resource allocation for virtual servers .


Easily upgrade virtual server configuration

Virtual server resources to easily upgrade the RAM, HDD, Bandwidth. When needed just to raise the limit of resources for virtual server or create new virtual servers to cater for the growth of the business.


Deploy new virtual server level quickly

New grant a virtual server, install and put into operation VPS server quickly on resource management interface of VMware Server ESXi 5. Restore, reinstall, or install new virtual servers quickly and easily easy.


VPS server high availability

Virtual servers have mechanisms to monitor the status of servers and VPS customers will enjoy the benefits of automated systems switch between servers where one administrator module virtualization trouble .