Currently we are in need of hiring SEO, Google SEO, Website SEO, you will be sharing the experience of SEO and was assigned to work, and work placements in Hanoi as follows:

Vacancy: Staff SEO, Google SEO, Website SEO

     SEO projects for VDO websites and affiliates
     SEO Services SEO site projects, clients,,
     Keyword analysis, management and implementation of Google Adwords campaigns
     Analysis and planned my whole Online Marketing

Quantity recruited 05 people


- Experience with Online Marketing: Proficient in internet, web browsing, post on forums, search and aggregate information on the Internet

- Understanding Index Ranking, Google PageRank

- The ability to make good onpage seo

- Use Forum Poster and SEO related software

- Can use multiple social networking tools to push the top Google keywords

- Know the tips backlink building formal

- Experience and understanding of reality at least 1 year WebSite SEO, Keyword

- Having himself into the top SEO keywords or project sites earlier (can show the results and said by the way, no need to be too competitive keywords but must have verifiable results)

- Use good management tools such as Google Analytics main website, Google Webmaster Tools, the backlink checking tool as OpenSiteExplorer, MajesticSEO, Ahrefs, ...

- Ability to analyze keywords, keep the top keywords, ...

- Ability to analyze and handle the situation well, especially analyze the situation to make website solutions (up tranfic, increased time onsite, ...)

- Ability to self-study and update new information about SEO

- Experience participating in social networks, forums, blogs, ..

- Implementation of the optimization and upgrading of website interfaces and code (coding skills XHTML / CSS, HTML5 compliance with W3C standards, ensuring good run on IE6 +, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome etc.)

- Experience in increased traffic to the website and push ranked PR (Google Page Rank), alexa rank

- Proficiency in-depth knowledge and tools online marketing (SEO, SEM, Social Media, Forum seeding, Email Marketing, Analytics, ...) offline (TVC, press, ...)

- Having participated in many forums, social networks, capable of building the blog, there are a large number of blog sites to make satellites for the project site to SEO

- Experience in website optimization and website content optimization

- Experience searching, sorting quality website can place backlinks

- Ability to develop content knowledge of off page seo on page

- Proficient in the use of SEO techniques and proficient support seo tools and website analysis as: Alexa, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics ...

- Understanding the submit directory, submit URL, forums ...

- Analysis and assessment of the market through keywords

- Analysis of website optimization website editing code

- Content Optimization, Web Link

- Plan and implement push raid content keywords SEO for websites

- Use the tools and methods to promote online marketing SEO keywords SEO content

- Putting keywords Group products / services / project sites charge up the top spot to google

- Perform work in connection with the webmaster community, may webmaster - Post on forums, blogs, social networking sites to promote services and products of the website.

- Analyze the keywords well, to plan and implement advertising campaigns run Google AdWords ads for VDO websites and affiliates, the project site to the customer service VDO, WebBee

Priority is given to applicants:

+ Experience in SEO (1 year) and has many SEO website project TOP

+ Having good knowledge of SEO, copywriting and especially onpage.

+ Ability to write articles, make good content.

+ Use computer proficient, good office skills

+ Inquisitive, hardworking, energetic ....

Especially we do not require a degree. Just you have the experience, passion and enthusiasm for the job.

Job description:

- Planning and implementation of increased traffic to the website

- Planning and implementation of PR and alexa rank increase

- Understanding, Managing, evaluating and analyzing keywords, only websites

- Inspection, evaluation and reporting quality website by keyword

- To optimize websites for search engines

- Perform the work connected with the webmaster community. Make a connection established good relationships with members and admin of the forums

- Planning for website promotion, seo for VDO websites and web projects for customer service

- Build community on social network system: Google+, Linked in, Twitter, Facebook, Forum seeding ... to promote the product.

- Analyze the keywords well, to plan and implement advertising campaigns run Google AdWords ads for VDO websites and affiliates, the project site to the customer service VDO, WebBee

- Monitor and report the results of SEO and Online Marketing

Requested records:

+ Application for handwriting

+ Personal Information, a full curriculum vitae (note the address, phone number clearly and most convenient for the company can be contacted)

+ Specify the SEO skills mastered skills especially keyword analysis, website content, the ability to plan and control plan for SEO, Google Adwords, Online Marketing.

+ The project was implemented SEO and must prove (to check the power company)

+ The company has worked before: including company name, website address, office address, salary history, reason for resignation; named manager or the HR Manager with some of their mobile phones to the company can verify the information and truthfulness of candidates

+ The scanned image ID (front and back)

+ Health certificate

+ Salary desired


- Company to fully implement the rights in accordance with Vietnam's labor laws currently in force;

- Is working in the creative environment, dynamic capabilities higher promotion;

- Have access to the most advanced telecommunications technology;

- To participate in the training of professional skills as well as organized by the Company.

Nature of work: Full time

Province / City: working in Hanoi

Salary: Negotiable

Job type: Permanent Employee

Probationary period: 3 months

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